Newsletter Lustri Valdesign 2018
Once again, the partnership between Lustri Veneziani and Valdesign Cucine has been successful. For the first time, the new collection Variety has been proposed during the Salone del Mobile di Milano: a ceramic tile covering / modules where every single element is partly glossy and partly opaque.

This combination defines a design with a strong geometric imprint, between surfaces of different brightness that constantly change, giving rise to a play of shadows, conceived to design various possible combinations. Suggestive reflections that embellish space, making unique and harmonious the overall setting.
The Lustri Veneziani rediscover the most of the geometric shapes, the polygon, which contains inside itself a natural symmetry, omnipresent in the world around us.

It inspires harmony and strength to those who look at, the stare follows the apparent irregularity of the profiles, accentuated by the palette of the colors, now warm, now cold. Gold, black, copper, alternate themselves into a play of lights, shades and reflexes on tormented surfaces.

The emotion vibrates up to get to the pacificatory equilibrium.
Newsletter Lustri Hexagon 2017
Newsletter Lustri Cadorin 2017
By partnering with Cadorin Group, Lustri Veneziani took part of the MADE expo latest edition. The love of environment and sustainability binds us together.

The natural, biodegradable and recyclable materials are placed at the heart of our production processes.The terracotta, made of water, earth, fire, clay as the wood,natural, unique and irreplaceable material, have always been part of the idea of home, understood as quality of life in living spaces.

They will continue to be so, synonymous with safe and welcoming shelter, "the umbrella of the heart", whose charm, unmistakable and irreplaceable, finds its own roots at the beginning of our history.
Newsletter Lustri Valdesign 2016
Thanks to the collaboration with kitchenware producers and designers Valdesign Cucine, a brand standing out in the national and international markets, Lustri Veneziani had the opportunity to be present at the last edition of the Milan’s Fair “Salone del Mobile”.

We were actively involved in the elaboration of a new and innovative concept underlying the way of conceiving the kitchen area, characterized by a reinterpretation of space in an intimate an emotional perspective. through this original design, the kitchen becomes an integrated and dynamic rooms, meant to regenerate the soul and offer unforgettable life moments.
Innovations in the processing techniques of the purest clay, combined with the great expertise acquired in the artistic ceramic production in the Bassano area, have resulted in the creation by Industrie Cotto Possagno of LUSTRI VENEZIANI, a new range of covering floor tiles, standing out for their artisan style and deeply emotional glazing.

The handmade manufacturing, in second or third-firing, the nature of the tile’s surface and the constant research for new materials provide such products with matchless colours and shades, reminding & the chromatic effects of crystal and Venetian mosaics.

The uniqueness of Lustri Veneziani’s hues, due to the peculiarity of an artisanal manufacturing, is also highlighted by the tiles’ irregular surface, which offers the possibility of reconsidering the use of colours in the internal furnishing of spaces characterised by a contemporary housing style, such as wellness areas, bathrooms and living rooms.
Newsletter Lustri Veneziani by Industrie Cotto Possagno
Newsletter une nouvelle ligne de carreaux de mur
Grâce à cet artisanat ancien si particulier,  le caractère unique en couleurs et les nuances infinies des pigments colorés des LUSTRI VENEZIANI, si bien mis en évidence par leur surface inégale, offrent la possibilité de repenser l'utilisation de la couleur dans la décoration d'espaces de vie contemporains comme les zones de bien-être, salles de bains,  cuisines , et partout dans votre maison.