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Innovations in the manufacturing techniques of the purest clay, combined with the great expertise acquired in the artistic ceramic production in the Bassano area, have resulted in the creation by Industrie Cotto Possagno of LUSTRI VENEZIANI, a new range of covering floor tiles, standing out for their exquisite artisan style and deeply emotional glazing.

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The handmade manufacturing, in second or third-firing, the nature of the tile’s surface and the constant research for new materials provide Lustri Veneziani with matchless colours and shades, reminding of the chromatic effects of crystal and Venetian mosaics.

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The uniqueness of Lustri Veneziani’s hues, due to the peculiarity of an artisan manufacturing, is also highlighted by the tiles’ irregular surface, which offers the possibility of reconsidering the use of colours in the internal furnishing of spaces characterised by a contemporary housing style, such as wellness areas, bathrooms and living rooms.

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